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The Power of HP, Intel and Microsoft Alliance

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The modern workforce demand sever-changing, versatile work flows. Luckily, HP has built a solid foundation from the ground up, powered by leading 8th gen Intel processors and running Microsoft’s best-ever operating system. Our three companies partner to innovate sleek design, solid security and smooth collaboration—together exceeding the demands of today’s mobile work styles in every category:
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•  Collaboration built for business – easily host successful virtual meetings easily from anywhere.
•  Deep Security – safeguard device, data, and identity with security     internal and external security features from HP.
•  Built tough for travel – designed to pass MII STD durability tests.
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•  All education devices meet rigorous testing requirements to address 4 key needs for students: toughness, battery life, wireless capability and out of the box learning.
•  HP School Pack2.0 is packed with supportive digital tools to    encourage deeper, more personalized learning with solutions for    STEM, language arts, classroom management, social networking, and    device security.
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•  An extensive partner ecosystem to ensure that Z is tested, proven and    often certified for the applications your work depends upon.
•  Industry-specific applications run seamlessly right out of the box     include engineering, architecture, professional video editing, 3D     animation, healthcare, geo-spatial mapping software and more.
•  Tool-less serviceability lets you easily get inside and expand your     hardware to have the power and speed to fit your needs.
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•  HP Healthcare Edition PCs and displays enhance the connection    between care providers and patients while optimizing
   clinical workflows.
•  EMI certified PCs and sanitizable PCs and displays that can be used in    patient rooms and nurses’ stations.
•  Simplify logins and authentication with HP Healthcare Edition PCs,    displays and MFDs, collaboration tools for telemedicine and integrated    MFD workflows.
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Displays & Docks
•  70% of all HP Accessories sold are HP Docking Stations.
•  You want to succeed in Accessories? Start with HP Docking Stations.
•  The Top Three HP Displays sold in the US are all Elite Displays:
•  E243 (23.8”), E223 (21.5”), and E233 (23”).
•  Get to know all of the solutions you can sell with our HP Displays &    Accessories Online Catalog: download here.