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Trusted Data Center Solutions near You in San Antonio

A "One Size, One Vendor" approach does not work for all customers. Intech Southwest Services’ data center solutions can incorporate technologies from single or multiple vendors to provide integrated solutions to ensure maximum efficiency and reduced costs. While most IT support companies specialize in one area (or possibly a few), Intech Southwest Services has expertise across the board with numerous partners within diverse IT solutions.

As the world of technology evolves faster and further into new territories, Intech Southwest Services is ready to help you and your enterprise keep up with the demand. Intech offers exceptional service for adapting quickly to new technologies as they're released, while staying current on legacy networks and applications that are vital in a business environment.

Seamless migrations from legacy equipment and technologies can be strategized to have little impact on the end-user. The transitions will not disrupt their day-to-day operations, even for downtime in between migration phases or capacity increase periods.

Maintenance packages can be tailored to support existing environments, or to help ease the transition to newer and more efficient technologies in the data center.

Intech Southwest Services is proficient in:

  • Data center Design and Implementation

    Data centers are vital to organizations. Intech Southwest Services has in-depth and varied skills to utilize all resources with state-of-the-art technologies to create custom-tailored solutions for every client need, timeframe, and budget.

  • Server and Desktop Virtualization Solutions

    With virtualization, IT professionals can create an unlimited number of replicas from a single physical system. This innovative software platform allows them to connect directly with the hardware and then split it into separate environments known as "virtual machines”, with each being fully formed and secure as with the original.

  • Capacity Planning and Monitoring

    Network teams are constantly working to keep up with the ever-changing needs of business applications while on a budget. They can achieve this by using analytics and other tools to help them make decisions about what infrastructure they need, how much space it will take on their networks, etc.

  • Network Security Utilizing Next Gen Technologies

    In today's data-driven society, it is crucial for organizations to proactively safeguard their networks and assets. One way they can do this from the inside out is by investing in dedicated endpoint solutions that reinforce network security.

  • Wireless Network Security and Design

    Wireless networks naturally introduce more security risks than any other type. To protect your enterprise information, Intech will ensure solutions are deployed so that all appropriate precautions are in place, and no unauthorized access to your device(s) or network will happen without your permission.

  • Email and collaboration software support

    Intech Southwest Services can help you keep up with the rapid changes in business and technology by supporting your entire collaboration ecosystem. They provide an expert approach to integration, making sure that all of your teams operate on the same page so they’re not spending valuable time learning new systems or technologies.

    With Intech Southwest Services, your data center needs will never be a problem. Our company is certified in major software and hardware technologies that are designed to ensure your network is not left without the support of our experienced team when it matters most. With certified professionals on staff at all levels, from network engineers to distribution specialists, we can guarantee prompt service for any need - no matter how big or small the task.