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Did you know...

Intech has a robust team of experienced, contract IT Project Leads on hand for all Intech clients? 

This elite team is an automatic benefit with any project or solution Intech brings to the table for clients.  

Intech serves both public and private organizations of all sizes in Texas. Our diverse customer base aggregates insights into best practices, threats, and trends impacting IT environments. We use this knowledge to fine-tune solutions that benefit our clients and hopefully for you as well.

You’re not alone…

Our two decades of service has shown that before bringing Intech into the picture, our clients' number one need is the lack of ability to tackle the critical, larger projects on the table, including:

- migrating to better security solutions
- deploying new IT infrastructure systems
- setting up software enhancements for the network
- and many other ongoing projects

the best IT departments have limited time... Intech was specifically founded to help in this regard.

Four key reasons to make Intech your "go to" IT team:

We Bring Expertise and Specialization:

Intech provides the force multiplier of many seasoned IT professionals who are trained, ready to deploy, and able to scale to your needs today and into the future. Our professionals stay updated with the latest trends, technologies, and security threats. By supplementing your IT team with Intech’s resources, you gain access to specialists who will provide comprehensive solutions tailored to your business requirements.

We Boost Cost Efficiency:

Employing in-house, dedicated IT staff can be costly due to salaries, benefits, training, and equipment expenses. Intech’s managed IT services offer a predictable and reasonable pricing model, allowing you to budget more effectively.  Our team can also recommend cost savings and efficiencies while providing an outside perspective on your environment.  

We Help You Focus on Core Business Activities:

By entrusting your IT tasks to Intech, your internal team can focus on core business activities that drive growth and innovation. Offload routine maintenance, monitoring, and support tasks to Intech’s team and free up your staff to improve productivity and concentrate on strategic initiatives.

We Build Enhanced Security and Compliance:

Cybersecurity threats are constantly evolving, making it challenging for businesses to stay protected. Intech is equipped with robust security measures, tools, and best practices to safeguard your data and systems against cyberattacks, breaches, and data loss. Moreover, we can help ensure compliance with industry regulations and standards, helping you mitigate risks and avoid costly penalties associated with non-compliance.


We value our clients

as partners and continuously strive to perform with excellence to build relationships for the long-haul.  

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