intech southwest services
2020 Webinar series

Tues (10/27) 9:00-9:30a
Z Mobile
Wed (10/28) 9:00-9:30a
Z Mobile Workstation
Desktops & Displays
Thur (10/29) 9:00-9:30a
VR and
Z Solutions

Z by HP

Day 1

TUES (10/27) 9:00-9:30a
Z by HP – Z Mobile Workstations 

The insights from our customers and the demands of today’s trends have set the foundation in HP’s efforts to reinvent technology for the modern workforce.  We capture our innovation under the three pillars of PERFORMANCE  |  DESIGN  |  SUSTAINABILITY. 

Day 2

WED (10/28) 9:00-9:30A
Z by HP – Z Workstation Desktops and Displays

We've engineered a whole new level of performance for workstations, so you can cut through BIM, rendering and visualization projects without missing a beat. And when your demands change, you have impressive expandability to upgrade. 

Day 3

THUR (10/29) 9:00-9:30A
Z by HP – VR and Z Solutions 

Discover the limitless potential of VR. HP gives businesses entirely new ways to innovate, design, test, and learn with a powerful line of devices.