Image of a classroom in the Susquehanna Township School District


See how Susquehanna Township School District collaborated with HP to creatively address the unique requirements of in-person and remote student learning.

Image of a classroom in the Susquehanna Township School District
January 29, 2021

“The pandemic very quickly shifted us to a virtual model, pretty much overnight. We wanted to provide a learning environment for our virtual students that mirrored the experience of our in-person students. We didn’t want our families to feel that they needed to sacrifice the quality of their child’s education in exchange for their safety.” —- Dr. Tamara Willis - Superintendent, Susquehanna Township School District 

After sitting down with Dr. Willis and Susquehanna’s IT Director, Justin Green, the solution landed on the HP Elite Slice G2 with Microsoft Teams Room, with various attached AV peripherals, such as a “teacher camera” (180 degree visual of front-of-room), a “content camera” (allows whiteboard content to translucently display through the teacher for the student viewer at home), a one-touch touchscreen controller, and recording technologies so the student can watch the content later at home if needed, among other technologies. 

Student of Susquehanna Township School District using an HP laptop or distance learning

“It wasn’t as cookie cutter as some of the other solutions (in the market)… which allowed us to become more creative and pick and choose the technology that we wanted to integrate with the HP solution,” Green noted. “We have done a fantastic job of providing them an experience that, as closely as possible, resembles the physical experience. So I’d certainly recommend this solution to other schools looking to implement virtual learning, and providing the best education possible for their students,” says Green. 

HP Elite Slice G2

But while this technology is a new solution for Susquehanna Township School District, the HP Elite Slice G2 with Microsoft Teams Room technology has already proven to be a strong solution for business as they convert employees to remote working in the new era of online collaboration. And Susquehanna students are getting a first-hand, real-world look at how their skills today may translate into future workplaces.  

“Our students are using it now K-12. So imagine a kindergartner using technology that is actually being used in the work place. I think that it’s going to place them at an advantage, because they’ll know how to use it seamlessly,” notes Willis. 

Whether you’re searching for an in-person/remote collaboration solution for your school, or whether you’re a business manager looking to enhance employee collaboration in the hybrid workplace environment, click HERE for a detailed service quick sheet on the Elite SliceG2 / Teams services, and contact your rep at Intech Southwest Solutions to discuss your situation and design a solution custom-fit to your organization’s needs.

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