HP display monitor and keyboard sitting on a wooden desk


For Technical & Creative Professionals Demanding the Highest Performance for the Heaviest Workloads

HP display monitor and keyboard sitting on a wooden desk
December 4, 2020

Today we take a close look at how HP has engineered a whole new level of performance for desktop/display workstations so that heavy-lifting Technical and Creative professionals can cut through BIM, rendering, and visualization projects without missing a beat. And when your demands inevitably change, you have the most impressive expandability to upgrade to date in the Z Workstation portfolio.



Now’s a good time for a refresher on four of the most notable bragging rights that HP’s Z line touts for all portfolio products:


1)    THEWORLD’S MOST SECURE.  Protect your data and privacy, wherever and whenever you work, with HP’s industry leading security features.

•   HP Sure View: Guard your screen from prying eyes with the world’s only PCs with integrated privacy screens.

•   HP Sure Start Gen 4: Self-healing protection automatically recovers the BIOS and other critical firmware.

•   System Intrusion Sensor: Get an alert when the side panel of your system has been tampered with, exposing valuable components.


2)    TESTINGBEYOND INDUSTRY STANDARDS. Desktop Z products are tested to a minimum of368,000 total test hours in the HP Total Test Process and HP Z Books are tested to 14 MIL-STD-810G standards. Extreme stress test such as drop, vibration, temperature, shock, dust, and more ensure optimized performance.


3)    CERTIFICATIONFOR EVERY INDUSTRY. HP works closely with Independent Software Vendors such as Autodesk and Adobe to help ensure that the most popular applications are thoroughly tested and certified to work on Z by HP products.


4)    HPSTABLE AND CONSISTENT OFFERINGS. Select your hardware and software components when you customize your HP Z configuration and rest assured that you’ll be able to purchase the same configuration throughout the deployment of the product.

Man typing on a Hewlet Packard Computer


Answer: The fastest, most expandable and reliable personal computer available.


Every machine by Z by HP

1)    Offers performance, reliability, and expandability beyond the capabilities of a standard PC

2)    Is designed to meet the demands of Creative and Technical Professionals

3)    Is built to handle large and complex datasets, 3D models, and other graphics-intensive applications


The Z desktop portfolio continues to transform workflows in traditional and new industry segments, and HP is on the forefront of constant innovation for:


Education - Creative Pros - Healthcare - Data Science - Virtual Reality - Game Development - Finance - Product Development - Manufacturing& Engineering - Aerospace - OEM - Oil & Gas - Architecture

HP Z Desktop Portfolio



Boasting as the world’s most powerful mini workstation, this small but mighty device has more power in an amazingly small footprint. Compact, clever, and shockingly powerful, the HP Z2 Mini provides


-    Performance:  With Intel® 125W 10-core Core™ and Xeon® W series processors and NVIDIA® Quadro® 2000 and 3000 class graphics, dual M.2Storage, and 280W power adapter.

-    Thermals: Our efficient thermals keep it cool and quiet by using copper on the performance base unit vs. aluminum on the G4 Mini.

-    Versatile:  Create the ideal setup - mount under a desk, behind a display, in a sleeve, stand, or in a rack. Connect to multiple displays and other hardware with plenty of I/O ports.

-    Displays:  Drive up to six displays — four native and two additional with daisy-chaining.

-    Tested:  We test it so you can trust it 24/7.

-    Deploy in mission critical environments

-    Assured compatibility with ISV certifications

-    Access to high performance visualization processing

-    Enhanced security features

-    Planned to have EPEAT® Gold certification

-    More sustainability features

-    MIL-STD tested


What’s new? For starters, the Z2 SFF has more power in a15% smaller form factor the the previous generation. Now you can experience faster data transfer with Thunderbolt®, and this unit has the world’s highest wattage power supply in a small form factor desktop workstation.

In addition to these strategic improvements, the Z2 SFF also provides:

-    Performance:  Crush multi-threaded workflows with pro graphics and 10-core Intel® CPUs all while experiencing whisper quiet acoustics.

-    Customization:  Build a system matched exactly to your needs with over a million possible configurations. Customizable I/O ports support new, legacy and specialized equipment without messy dongles.

-    Expandable:  With dual M.2 storage slots you can install pro-grade storage hardware to unlock your storage-bound apps without sacrificing standard PCIe slots. 



No other machine is built for heavy designers, high performers, and entry VR developers like the HP Z2 Tower. Similar to the evolvements with the Z2 SFF, the HP Z2 Tower also has more power in a 15% smaller footprint without losing configurability. As the world’s most expandable and cost-optimized entry workstation, the HP Z2 Tower has a sleek design, whisper-quiet acoustics, enhanced security features, and more sustainability features than its previous generation.

-    Software:  Adobe Creative Cloud, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD and Dassault, Autodesk Revit, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premier Pro, Unite, and Unreal Engine.

-    Performance:  The benchmark for entry workstations boasting 125 10-Core Intel® processors, RTX6000 graphics, and a 700W power supply to meet entry users with heavy performance and graphics needs.

-    Expandable:  Need to swap graphics cards? Increase CPU power? Add specialized PCIe cards? Go for it!

-    Design:  The HP Z2 Tower’s stunning new design features front and rear ledges so you can easily move your system from location to location.  



HP’s most powerful offerings deliver reliable performance and extreme power for cutting-edge use cases such as the following key requirement drivers:


1)    Virtual Reality - Content is king, and virtual reality is the technology to drive experiences that persuade, inform, entertain, and facilitate collaboration in the future. This demands development workstation-class horsepower.


2)    Machine Learning - Artificial intelligence is built on learning over time. The more recorded history, the better the machine is at finding patterns, causes, and effects, which means these algorithms need a LOT of data.


3)    3DPrinting - With layered complexity in three dimensional space comes higher memory requirements to calculate model manipulations in real time. Computational design performs thousands of calculations in real time to represent users’ designs and models.


4)    3DScanning - To capture every detail with today’s advanced 3D scanning technology generates a complexity and nuance that means one thing: data. All that data needs not only workstation power, but also workstation reliability. 



-    Customizable:  Create a desktop custom built for your workload demands. You're in control with multiple component options, plus more standard features and space to expand than other single-processor Z desktop.

-    Flexible:  High-frequency processing, multiplecores20 and powerful graphics let you move from single-threaded tasks to multi-threaded tasks.

-    Power:  Experience disruptive price- performance on multi-threaded applications, or combined workflows with Intel® Core TM X-Series processors. 



-    Expandable:  Invest only in the technology you need now, knowing you can scale up easily over time. With full expansion capability—from processors, to graphics cards, to memory— you create your own upgrade path.

-    Performance:  Power through complex design iterations with 48 high- performing cores, advanced pro graphics and a monumental 384 GB of memory.

-    Storage:  Install the fastest professional grade storage hardware around, unlocking performance for storage-bound applications without sacrificing standard PCIe slots. 



-    Performance:  With up to a staggering 56 cores20, 3 TB high-speed memory and certification for hardcore apps, you get optimal performance every time.

-    Optimized:  ML developers GPU-accelerated algorithm development tools with support for the NVIDIA® Deep Learning SDK and many widely used deep learning frameworks.

-    Expandable:  Strategically placed ducts and fans keep parts cool and quiet, while tool-free access and easy- open latches make upgrading easy. 



HP Desktop displays

As always, no matter which Z solution you choose, you’ll receive:

-    ISV Certifications for optimal performance

-    The complete HP Sure Suite of security features

-    HP Performance Advisor

-    ZCentral Remote Boost

-    The world’s best 3/3/0 Workstation warranty

-    US Based customer service

-    30plus years of workstation experience


Contact your Intech Southwest rep to discuss which Z desktop and display combination is the right fit to help you power up to the level of your workload demands of today and set the stage to expand in a customized performance fit for you as your workload grows into the future.