Limitless Performance: HP + AMD + Windows 11 Pro

July 1, 2024

The modern workplace thrives on mobility, but security can't be compromised. Today's workforce demands powerful laptops that seamlessly handle video conferencing, complex AI tasks, and real-time collaboration, all while keeping sensitive information protected. These secure powerhouses unlock peak performance for your teams, no matter where they work.

The Future of Work is Intelligent: HP + AMD Ryzen™ AI PCs

The rise of generative AI is transforming businesses, but running these powerful applications requires equally powerful PCs. AMD Ryzen™ AI business PCs with Windows 11 Pro are designed to address this need, with features such as a dedicated NPU that frees up the CPU and GPU for other tasks. This allows AMD Ryzen™ AI-powered HP business laptops to deliver a revolutionary PC experience with exceptional responsiveness and functionality.

·        World’s first integrated AI engine in an x86 processor2

·        Up to 4 concurrent AI streams for real-time multi-tasking

·        Optimized to run AI workloads for incredible system efficiency

·        Processes up to 10 Trillion AI Operations per Second (TOPS)

·        Allows AMD AI business PC users to experience on-device AI wherever they are.

Breakthrough Innovation Starts with Empowerment

HP’s new AMD Ryzen™ AI business PCs are designed for the flexibility of hybrid work. Despite their thin and light design, they are powerful, tackling even the most intense workloads and workflows.


HP EliteBook 805 PCs lets your team power through demanding tasks, anywhere. Docking stations connect laptops to high-resolution monitors for a complete, high-performance setup. AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 processors with up to eight cores provide the power to handle demanding tasks such as data-intensive spreadsheets and clear videoconferencing. Unplug and stay productive all day with the long-lasting battery.

Don’t Be a Target for Cyber attacks

Cyberattacks can cripple your business. Hackers target endpoint devices, making cyberattacks a growing threat that can cripple your company. Remote employees access data from various locations and devices, creating more entry points for cyber criminals to exploit, highlighting the importance of implementing a robust endpoint security strategy.


Equipping your employees with the world’s most secure PCs1, powered by next-generation AMD Ryzen™ PRO processors, helps keep your data and your business safe. With HP Wolf Security's integrated security features working silently in the background, your data and devices are comprehensively protected, letting you focus on what matters.

·        HP Sure Click protects devices from malicious websites and files by isolating potentially risky content in a virtual environment, preventing it from infecting the main system accessing employee files, or spreading to other programs.

·        HP Sure Start is a highly reliable, self-healing firmware platform that protects HP EliteBook business PCs at the BIOS level to ensure they haven’t been tampered by malware or unauthorized modifications, and safeguards against new and unknown threats that might target the operating system or software.

·        With HP Wolf Protect & Trace, IT departments can locate and remotely lock devices to prevent unauthorized access, or even erase all data on the device to protect sensitive information in case of theft.


AMD Memory Guard protects HP Elitebook and Zbook PCs from cold-boot attacks and safeguards data through real-time encryption if a PC is lost or stolen, even if it is powered off. The system can be recovered quickly using a stored image on a separate PC with an optional embedded module.

·        Automate deploying PCs and simplify their management wherever you are.

·        Enhance your infrastructure of Microsoft Endpoint Manager or other client management solutions.

·        Import devices at order into your Autopilot account.

HP AMD Ryzen™ PCs are Designed for the Way You Work

Balancing power and looks, HP's AMD Ryzen™ laptops seamlessly transition from office to anywhere. The HP EliteBook 805 series features AMD Ryzen™ PRO 6000 processors and the latest Windows 11 Pro for business, making it a powerful and versatile device for workers on the go.


HP EliteBook PCs are built to make working together on projects easy for your teams. High-definition webcams and crystal-clear audio ensure your teams see and hear each other seamlessly, regardless of location. Pre-loaded Windows 11 Pro and integrated Teams functionality streamline collaboration, keeping your workforce focused and productive.

Unlock IT Productivity

Unleash IT efficiency with AMD cloud technology. Remotely manage HP Elite Books, streamline processes, and empower users – all while saving time and resources.

·        With empowered employees, productivity thrives from anywhere, be it a home office or a coffee shop.

·        Empower employees with faster troubleshooting and support, minimizing downtime and help desk tickets.

·        Securely re-image, configure, and deploy updates to PCs over the internet.

·        Configure recovery to an HP preinstalled image or your custom image.

·        Advanced insights into hardware health and readiness enable proactive troubleshooting

Supercharge Your AI Capabilities Now!

Unleash peak productivity anywhere with HP EliteBook and ZBook PCs. These secure, high-performance machines powered by AMD Ryzen™ processors tackle everything from daily tasks to complex AI applications. HP's range of business laptops and workstations caters to all your needs, keeping your team working seamlessly – no matter the location.


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1"World’s most secure PCs” claim is based on HP’s unique and comprehensive security capabilities at no additional cost among vendors on HP Elite PCs with Windows and 8th Gen and higher Intel® processors or AMD Ryzen™ 4000 processors and higher; HP ProDesk 600 G6 with Intel® 10thGen and higher processors; and HP ProBook 600 with AMD Ryzen™ 4000 or Intel® 11thGen processors and higher.

2As of May 2023, AMD has the first and only available dedicated AI engine on an x86 Windows processor, where ‘dedicated AI engine’ is defined as an AI engine that has no function other than to process AI inference models and is part of the x86 processor die. For detail information, please check: https://www.amd.com/en/products/ryzen-ai.PHX-3.