Various HP computer products on a starry background.


A Look At HP’s Z Central Solutions For High-Powered Remote-Working Efficiency And A Discussion Of HP’s Limitless VR Potential

Various HP computer products on a starry background.
January 5, 2021


Thanks to the pandemic, most people are working from home today and yet 50% of device end users report that they don’t believe they have all they need to complete or be efficient with their regular work remotely. 

Even though 63% of employers do issue notebooks by their IT departments, the top 2 IT challenges continue to be:

-    managing multiple remote devices at once, many of which are misaligned with personal devices

-    the increased security risk across a wide variety of remote company & personal devices 


This is where HP’s Z Central Solutions comes in, with 3components: 

#1 - Z Central Rackable Workstations (see Webinars Day 1 & Day 2 for an extensive look at various Z by HP devices…such as the Z2, Z4, Z6, Z8, the 1U, etc.) 

#2 - Z Central Remote Boost, which allows users to collaborate efficiently (and securely with encrypted pixels) in real time because they are using all the central processing and graphics power that is on the device racked in the company’s physical central location. Every single Z by HP Workstation shipped since 2003 has had “RGS” (Remote Graphics Software) installed. RGS has been recently rebranded and is now called “Remote Boost”. Users only need to finalize the installation and download a receiver to the remote device, both of which are no-cost actions.

A graphic show dynamic support for Wacom Tablets.

#3 - Z Central Connect - a software that allows users one-click access to a dedicated workstation or a pool of workstations, managed remotely by the IT administrator (on/off,  accessibility, updates, etc.)  


Somewhat of a new term for a practice that’s been around for a very long time, “Data Science” is the inspection & understanding billions of points of data in order to predict and understand important questions and predictive models (AI), in order to derive critical insights for business decisions, emergency decisions, etc. 

In fact, HP employs over 500 of “Data Scientists”.  

Historically, CPU processing was the main component to manage data science. A CPU holds a maximum of 56 cores.  

GPU, however, can have over 5,000 cores. The GPU process splits up the individual actions so that it goes down to the sub processes of analyzing this data, breaking it up among each of the cores, which significantly reduces the time to process all of this information that data scientists are leveraging.  

HP’s desktops are built for powerful data science processing. For example, the 4R or Z4 is equipped to manage 2-3 billion rows of data per second, while the Z8 processes 4-5 billion rows per second. 

For mobile devices, HP has the ZBook Create, the ZBook Studio and the ZBook Fury, all high powered and differentiated depending on the number of pieces of data that we’re running in order to derive our information. 

Definitely check out our Webinar Days 1 & 2 for more information on each of these devices, but let’s move on to VR.

Virtual Reality image that say, "Our vision is to drive the most desirable immersive xR ecosystem that naturally empowers all people to better themselves."


The four pillars of virtual reality are:   

Connect  -  Create -  Collaborate  - Learn 

Regardless of the scenario, HP has a robust portfolio of enterprise-class solutions for xR, including our Reverb G2, the Fury and Create mobility products (including VR backpacks), and multiple options across our desktop and display line.

An image of the HP Reverb G2 high resolution VR headset.

The HP Reverb G2 device has really taken the market by storm, including an exclusive partnership with STEAM VR. It offers improved motion tracking, a pre-established bluetooth connection between the headset and the handset, and it has a new controller button layout.  

The headset offers 2160 x 2160 LCD panels per eye, which means instead of just having the view in front, you have the full peripheral vision when you are in a session. The audio sits away from your ears, a huge improvement for comfort.

The handsets have been redesigned to be more ergonomically correct, supporting natural gestures, better tracking, and better-aligned buttons to support what people are doing in their gaming platform.


It’s great to have a top-notch VR system, but it’s also important what you’re doing with it.  

HP has a ton of partnerships with different companies that offer a variety of VR solutions, including these providers (just to name a few):

A graphic showing the providers of HP VR solutions.

There are literally thousands of ways you can leverage our VR partner software, whether it’s safety training, surgical training, empathy training, and all sorts of tools that VR has opened up for the world.  

Intech Southwest Services is very versed in VR, and was actually the first place that I personally ever tried VR… right at the Intech office!


In conclusion, HP A and VR devices aren’t just computers with fast processors & good graphics cards. After over 30 years of development, HP’s devices really do represent a whole new world of expandability, reliability, performance, and security: 

-    HP has dedicated engineers who hold over 550 patents on our workstation technologies.

-    The devices are designed to meet the needs of creative and technical professionals who depend on them to be efficient in their day-to-day day jobs working with complex and graphic-intense applications.

-    They’re built to pass military spec tests.

-    They’re designed to run 24/7 for 4-5 years.

-    They have ISV Certification for optimal performance, which means HP works with the independent software vendors to validate & confirm which hardware you should be using for that software (processors, graphics cards, memory, hard drives). This ensures your software isn’t just “kind of running”, it’s running like a rock star.   

And as always, every HP device has

-    The complete HP Sure Suite of security features

-    HP Performance Advisor

-    The world’s best 3/3/0 Workstation warranty

-    US Based customer service

HP continues to transform workflows in traditional and new industry segments, and is on the forefront of constant innovation for:  

Education - Creative Pros - Healthcare - Data Science - Virtual Reality - Game Development - Finance - Product Development - Manufacturing& Engineering - Aerospace - OEM - Oil & Gas - Architecture 

Contact your Intech Southwest rep to discuss which Z solution is the right fit to help you power up to the level of your workload demands of today and set the stage to expand in a customized performance fit for you as your workload grows into the future.