Experienced IT Project Managers Accelerate Productivity for Intech Southwest Clientele

Consider leveraging Intech's in-house IT Project Managers to streamline tasks and free up your team for even greater department management results.

May 25, 2023
IT Project Managers

Did you know that Intech Southwest Services has a robust team of seasoned, contract IT Project Managers on hand for all Intech clients? Many IT managers may not have been aware of this benefit that automatically comes with projects and solutions Intech brings to the table.


Most IT environments, whether within the education system or a corporate setting, share a common problem: Limited time and resources for the ever-changing IT issues at hand.


When discussing our clients’ greatest needs, the feedback we hear most often is the lack of ability to truly tackle the grander projects on the table such as migrating to better security solutions, deploying a new system within the IT infrastructure, setting up new software enhancements for the network, and many other enhancement projects.


Although these types of projects are often the most critical on the department “to do” list, they regularly get bumped to the back burner as “crisis mode” tasks arise throughout the typical work week.


Today, we’re highlighting 4 key reasons Intech is your “go to” contract project management resource for project scopes ranging from minor tasks to full-department management assistance.


Project Management Services Help You Stay on Budget

The first approach in assessing Intech’s ability to blend into your IT department’s project parameters is an evaluation of the master budget. During this review, potential gaps in budgeting considerations and any unclear budgeting areas are analyzed for possible ways to streamline costs while avoiding disruption to the overall project plan.


Many times, a fresh set of eyes is all that is needed to uncover a small project tweak that can have great ROI results. Intech’s Project Managers are specifically trained to identify these efficiency solutions in the realm of IT project management.


Project Managers Help You Stick to Projected Timelines

In some department settings, it seems that project timelines were made to be geared off-track at the first sign of disruption. Inevitably, the best laid timeline plans are bound to be diverted, especially when internal IT staffing is limited.


Another way Intech’s project management services can help is by operating as another set of eyes on the timeline… ahead of time, allowing potential roadblocks to be identified early and diverted.

IT Project Managers

Project Management Helps Establish Accountability

Intech prides itself on the continued services and support we provide to our clientele once a project has been completed. However, the accountability Intech brings to the table does not begin when the project concludes. Throughout the entire course of the project, the Intech team will address checks and balances on the various benchmarks along the way.


Not only will our accountability provide ongoing peace of mind to our direct points of contact within the client’s IT department, but this process can be an added accountability between your IT department heads and other company decision-makers monitoring the efficiency of the department as a whole.


Allow us to help your team look great to upper management!


Project Managers Help Free Up Your Organization’s Resources

Despite organizational size, a large majority of Intech’s clientele are entities with limited resources allotted for IT oversight. Our IT clients nearly always are wearing multiple hats in addition to maintaining the daily needs of their department and the IT needs of the organization as a whole.


Whether Intech is brought in to assist with managing a small and finite task or whether we’re tasked to oversee an entire department as an ongoing contract department manager, Intech is here to provide relief  specifically for the IT team.


Yet, this relief isn’t limited to the IT team. The benefits translate across the entire organization, as now your IT team can truly dig into the critical projects that affect everyone with a computer and device within the environment.


The urgent pressures on typical IT teams will likely never cease… However, hiring Intech as a 3rd party project management team can truly take the load off your IT team in significant ways.




In summary, any supplemental project management service team can increase the chances of your project and department being successful. Intech Southwest is one of the best Project Management service providers located in San Antonio. In our 20+ years of operation, we’ve managed a wide range of projects from big to small, standard to unique, start to finish.


Recognizing the importance of cost-effectiveness when making contract IT team decisions, we at Intech Southwest Services strive to provide solutions tailored to meet specific budget requirements for each client.


Contact us today to learn how our IT Project Managers here at Intech Southwest are poised to save time and increase flexibility within your organization, so that you can focus on what you do best - running your business.