An image of Hewlett Packard's Z Mobile Workstations


The Future of High Performance Mobile Computing

An image of Hewlett Packard's Z Mobile Workstations
November 18, 2020

Z is transforming workflows in traditional and new industry segments, and HP functions on the forefront of constant innovation for:  

Education - Creative Pros - Healthcare - Data Science - Virtual Reality - Game Development - Finance - Product Development - Manufacturing & Engineering - Aerospace - OEM - Oil &Gas - Architecture 

The insights from our customers and the demands of today’s trends have set the foundation in HP’s efforts to reinvent technology for the modern workforce. We capture our innovation under the three pillars of: 




The ZBooks 2020 Mobile Portfolio is the world’s most secure and manageable set of mobile workstations. Today, we’re taking a quick look at:  

-    ZBook Firefly 14 G7
-    ZBook Firefly 15 G7
-    ZBook Create G7
-    ZBook Studio G7
-    ZBook Power G7
-    ZBook Fury 15 G7
-    ZBook Fury 17 G7 

An image of Z Books offered by Intech Southwest Services
The Z Book Portfolio

The HP ZBook Firefly 14 G7 is the world’s smallest, lightest, and most secure 14” mobile workstation. Perfect for Creative Managers and Power Users, the 14 and 15 G7s enhance creative workflows with a variety of certified applications (such as Adobe Creative Cloud, SOLIDWORKS, AutoCAD),include gaming for One-Life, and offer remote access to high-end workflows like rendering and 3D visualization using Central Remote Boost. The new 4K UHD VESA DisplayHDR 400 Certified sRGB is especially good for better viewing in high ambient light environments (14 only).  

Students (and professionals) have many layers of high performance tech needs. The HP ZBook Create mobile workstation can handle all of them by enabling data science students to game, stream, and complete coursework, all within a thin and light design powered by an NVIDIA® GeForce® GPU. Whether you want to experience the real-time rendering power of the GeForce® GPU in gaming during your time off, utilize GPU-acceleration top process datasets at 500,000 rows per minute, or even sharpen your models, these devices can do it all.  

The new thin and light form factor of the ZBook Studio, combined with the USB-C™ Notebook Power Bank and the USP-Ct™ Mini Dock is a purpose-built system to meet the demands of creative and technical professionals moving from desk-to-conference rooms, as well as graduate research students moving from backpacks to labs. With a processing power of 750,000 rows of data per minute, the Studio can make easy work of the data prep and cleaning at the front end of the workflow.  

The ZBook Power G7 is made for those who need affordable performance, such as higher ED STEAM students who need raw performance to handle 2D workflows, basic special effects, and 3D work in a PC that is adaptable, stylish, and friendly to a student budget. The Power G7 is also ideal for SMB AEC/PD designers and media pros who manage workflows involving 2Dand 3D modeling and need to stay within a relatively tight IT budget. For Government Power Users, the Power G7 provides workstation-level performance with enterprise serviceability and manageability in a mobile PC already spec’d for government quotes (i.e. managed bios and smart card reader) and cost optimized for aggressive bids. With an aluminum chassis and MIL-STD durability, this PC is premium, but tough enough to last.  

Finally, the ZBook Fury 15 G7 boasts as the world’s most expandable 15” mobile workstation while the ZBook Fury 17 G7 is the world’s smallest 17” mobile workstation with RTX 5000. The ZBook Fury AMD Graphics options offer a choice between game development (new gaming-grade graphics: AMD Radeon™ RX 5500M) or professional use (improved Pro Graphics: AMD Radeon™ Pro W5500M); however, both options include Radeon™ Media Engine and Radeon™ Software. Upgrade as you grow with the ability to access all storage, memory, and communication devices.  

A Z Book laptop with the bottom cover removed
ZBook Fury

No matter which Z solution you choose, you’ll receive

-    ISV Certifications for optimal performance
-    The complete HP Sure Suite of security features
-    HP Performance Advisor
-    Central Remote Boost
-    The world’s best 3/3/0 Workstation warranty
-    US Based customer service
-    30plus years of workstation experience 

Bottom line is that the ultimate Z performance just got more portable! If you’re a busy professional, teacher, or student with high-power technology needs while on the go, contact your Intech Southwest rep to discuss which Z Mobile Workstation is the right fit to help you streamline your device into mobile-friendly usage without sacrificing all the power offered from HP’s Z Mobile Portfolio.