Screenshot of Juan Flores and Dr. Robert Garza

Intech’s Team Pays Tribute to Intech’s Owners

Screenshot of Juan Flores and Dr. Robert Garza
June 3, 2021

Great leadership cultivates a great team, who in turn manifest great customer service. It’s a mantra commonly deliberated in business leadership books and magazines, but it’s not often that we get to put meaningful faces to successful corporate leadership names.

Typically, the news/blog section of a company website is filled with product and service reviews along with the occasional team and/or corporate accolades of promotions, transfers, and expansions.

But this time, we’re treating this blog entry as a dedication and hat tip back to our own leadership: the owners of Intech Southwest. As we write this, the Intech owners are not even aware of this honor that we’re scheming.

After nearly 23 years in business, with many clients consistently partnering with us throughout the course of Intech’s history, it will come as no surprise to much of our audience that the “feeling of family” starts at the top at Intech. Our current owners are also Intech’s founders… and they’ve been actively involved with their encouraging leadership style every step of the way.

“Intech has always been kinda like a family… we’re a small family,” says Juan Flores, Account Executive at Intech. “We’ve always pushed each other to be successful in bringing IT products to our customers and providing them great customer service. (Intech’s owners) have always been very generous owners, such as providing donations to some of the local organizations like San Antonio Food Bank. Especially during this time right now when everybody needs help… it’s always been their business model is to always look out for other people, look out for their employees.”

And that’s the culture management style that fosters an equally motivated group of technicians and engineers to go above and beyond as Intech’s boots on the ground during one challenge after another over the last year… facing a devastating pandemic, rapid shift to education moving to remote learning, and then an exceptional Winter storm that crippled electrical grids across Texas.

“As a company, we’re still working from home,” continues Flores, “I’m still working from home along with some of the administrators… but our technicians are still out there, still working very hard, along with some of our engineers. They’re out there to support our customers… with any type of warranty, repairs… any kind of deployments for our customers, etc. We’re following safety protocols, wearing our masks, still keeping our hands sanitized, and just really following the CDC rules, staying 6 feet apart, things like that. But as a company, and for the IT industry for that matter, it’s been a challenge. So very proud of everyone that’s part of Intech Southwest to continue to support our customers. But yes, it’s been a challenge.”

Dr. Robert Garza, President of Palo Alto College, agrees and echoes the sentiment of appreciation to the IT teams who selflessly continue to work long hours during challenging times.

"(IT) has been extremely critical for us in moving forward, in fact, during the snow storm and everything that’s been going on with the pandemic… Our IT department has been at full staff on site while everyone is working remotely… and they do that to keep us going, to be able to provide instruction, and to be able to work with our students and communicate with each other as well as our partners moving forward… And so really the area that you (at Intech) support and that you’re in is critical to what we do, so we’re very appreciative of that.”

Many of our team here at Intech, from top to bottom, prefer to do our work behind the scenes and without expecting much public fanfare… So Dr. Garza, we also appreciate you for recognizing the quiet yet critical efforts of our IT teams!

We continue onward with honoring our owners, because there is definitely more to say:

“Intech’s owners are very generous people. I appreciate them, as the rest of the company does, and I’m just happy to work for them,” continues Flores, during the interview. “They’re always willing to help when it comes to supporting fundraisers for any kind of continuing education, any education foundation, things like that.

“During the holiday season, as you know we have a good amount of people that are homeless today. When it comes to holidays, (Intech’s owners) are constantly out there giving out meals to families… providing them with blankets, with socks… I mean those are just small donations that a lot of companies are doing today here in San Antonio… and we just want to be part of that. That’s one thing that I’m proud to say in working for Intech Southwest, that (Intech’s owners) have always done a great job about that.”

Our next blog will undoubtedly get back to covering one of the many facets Intech touches with IT products, services, and solutions for our K-12 and higher education clients.

But just for today, we want to say several giant “THANK YOUs”,

… to Palo Alto College for recognizing Intech Southwest Services as a valued business partner.

… to our enduring and critical technicians and engineers steadily doing great work and providing great customer service despite the relentless extraordinary circumstances.

… to our longstanding and new clients that we consider as family as well as our partners. Thank you for trusting us along the journey as we work with you on your IT challenges, products, services, and solutions.

… but lastly, and certainly not least, we take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to Intech’s owners. Thank you for pushing us, for encouraging us, and for leading us by example in the purposeful way that you do.

— The Intech Team