Outdated network hub

Is Your Network Infrastructure Outdated?

Maintaining your network infrastructure is crucial to a modern and secure enterprise.

Outdated network hub
May 12, 2021
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When Should You Modernize Your Network Infrastructure?

Networking technology for organizations is constantly changing. For modern organizations, it is crucial to at least maintain pace with these changes. Getting left behind can have dramatic consequences for your organization. In the networking world, many organizations don't realize how vital it is to keep pace with current technology and standards. Many of them don't change because they say their equipment still works. However, they don't realize how much performance they are losing to the competition.

Symptoms of Outdated Network Infrastructure

The symptoms of outdated network infrastructure might not be apparent, as you are getting the performance you have always been used to. However, for organizations such as schools, outdated network infrastructure could be having a massive influence on your results. This is especially true in the modern context, with virtual learning being the norm. It is also when companies like HP Inc. and Intel are rolling out state-of-the-art networking devices. The biggest impact they will have is on security. Network security is of the utmost importance in today's world, as most of our important files have been digitized. The risk of compromised data is high in today's world, and security is crucial for yourself and your customers.

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Benefits of Making Upgrades

The most significant benefits you gain from improving your network are network uptime, reliability, and security. Network uptime will influence how productive your organization can be. Reliability will also do the same. Older networking hardware is more likely to malfunction or fail altogether. However, the biggest issue will be with security. As standards evolve, people discover new exploits to use on older and more vulnerable networking equipment. It could lead to your organization getting hacked, and there might not be any software mitigations to stop this from happening.

What to Replace?

Another vital thing about network equipment being outdated is that you might not have access to the latest software updates from Microsoft and other companies. When it comes to making replacements, networking software is a crucial component of the process. You should also update your network switches, routers, and gateways. Some older network switches may not have optimal performance with modern fiber-optic cables and data-intensive applications.


Performance is the most cited reason for upgrading your network infrastructure. However, upgrading for security and reliability are also crucial components of the process. The older your equipment is, the more likely you will be hacked. You can avoid these problems by continually upgrading infrastructure.

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