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Why the Wireless Age Demands New Security Solutions

Organizations will need a new toolbox to deal with current threats from wireless networking.

man working on his laptop outside
April 29, 2021
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Securing Your Wireless Networks

Cybersecurity is changing dramatically in the age of widespread wireless networking. It is requiring new solutions to emerging threats and challenges. The main thing to note is that security is becoming more complex than ever, and it will continue to be that way for the foreseeable future. As we digitize the world, we make it more prone to threats from bad actors. Microsoft and Intel are both working diligently to create hardware and software-based solutions to these threats. There are also network appliances from companies like HP Inc. to help stop some of the potential problems. However, you need to understand how to navigate this world for your organization.

Wireless Brings New Vulnerabilities

Wireless networking has brought along with it many new vulnerabilities. For example, man-in-the-middle attacks are now easier than ever. There are also many problems having to do with fake Wi-Fi hotspots. It is something that organizations need to think about before deciding how they will deal with potential issues in this new world. There is also the issue of Wi-Fi signals being easily hacked. There are even dedicated Linux distributions to perform this task.

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A Strong Password Policy

The wireless age has made a secure password policy more important than ever. The easiest way for someone to compromise your Wi-Fi network is to compromise the device of one of your employees. They can then get Wi-Fi passwords and other secure data from the device's cache. These types of attacks are now more prevalent than ever, and we see that with the proliferation of ransomware attacks.

Employees Need Secure Devices

Organizations will have to figure out what they want to do with employee's devices. For example, will your organization create unique passwords for each employee? It is crucial to do this because you can then revoke those passwords after a device has been compromised. It makes it easy to manage the network and all the users on it. You can also quickly figure out where the source of attacks came from. It makes your organization more agile and robust in dealing with these new challenges.

Firewall Needs to Be Really Good

Hardware and software firewalls are also more critical than ever in this new wireless age. Organizations will need the best hardware and software solutions to stop most of the current threats.


Wireless networking is bringing with it many new security problems that organizations will need dedicated resources to solve. These threats will never stop, and organizations have to deal with this new reality.

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