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How to Keep Data Secure When User Profiles Are Constantly Changing

Data privacy will become the most important thing for organizations to worry about.

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April 22, 2021
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Managing Data Security and Privacy in Your Organization

Data is the new oil for modern organizations. However, data comes with many new responsibilities that organizations don't have the know-how or infrastructure to take on. Data needs to be secure at all times, or it could mean a huge problem for your organization. There are many encryption tools from Microsoft and hardware-based coprocessors from Intel, but your organization still needs to understand how to work with them.

A Good Password Policy

The first thing that every organization will need is a good password policy. You need to have individualized passwords for your networks so you can easily revoke certain passwords when workers change or are compromised. You can also have hardware-based security, but it all depends on whether you have the right products in place. HP Inc. laptops and desktops are great products to use with hardware-based two-factor authentication keys. It would help workers work from home without having to worry about security. You could also easily revoke their USB-based two-factor authentication when something goes wrong.

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Managing Cloud Deployments

Most organizations are looking to the cloud instead of hosting their own servers. However, cloud deployments come with many new complexities that your organization will need cybersecurity professionals to navigate. It is crucial that your cybersecurity professionals have a good understanding of cloud security, and they can work with a variety of cloud providers. It will help you navigate this world, and it will also ensure that your data is always private and secure. This is especially true for organizations with complicated cloud deployments. 


Using Encryption Efficiently

Encryption is becoming more important for modern organizations. Most data leaks are not as bad as they could be because of encryption, but it still needs to be applied in more contexts. Intel manufactures processors with hardware-based encryption and decryption. It is no longer a massive performance penalty to do encryption inside the CPU. Organizations must take advantage of this new functionality to encrypt every single piece of information that they have. It will help reassure customers when they know everything is encrypted. It will also mean that data leaks won't matter as much in the future. 


Data security is now something that every organization needs to worry about. With new laws being enacted every day, organizations must have a plan to navigate this world. Intech Southwest partners with Intel, Microsoft and HP Inc. to bring you data solutions you can count on. 

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