two students study with laptops and books

4 Best Laptops for Education

With virtual learning becoming the norm, it's important to know which laptops are best for education.

two students study with laptops and books
May 19, 2021
Kids in a classroom with laptops

Great Laptops for Education

With the rise in virtual schooling, laptops are becoming a must-have for institutions. However, there are many laptops out there, some of which are more suitable for education than others. There are certain things you need to think about as an educational institution, but the most important factor will be app compatibility. It doesn't make any sense if your laptops cannot run the programs you need to teach your kids effectively. Generally, Microsoft Windows laptops with Intel-based processors will be the right choice in almost every scenario. Many HP Inc. laptops fit these criteria, and they are excellent in price and performance. However, some alternatives need to be talked about as well.

M1 MacBook

The latest MacBook is quite spectacular, as it uses Apple's own high-performance M1 ARM core processor. It features single-threaded performance that can rival its x86 counterparts. It is also heavily tuned to work perfectly with the latest Mac operating system. This means that you are getting a package complete with features made to work well with each other. However, these laptops will only work well if you have software that can run on them. Software compatibility is a major problem right now, but if your schooling is online, it can work well for most of your students.

a group of students with laptops

Microsoft Surface

The Microsoft Surface is Microsoft's version of the MacBook. It was made to challenge Apple's dominance in this arena, and it works well for that purpose. It features multiple options for processors, so your students will have the performance they require. It also features a full version of Windows, which means it will work with all Windows-compatible applications. You won't have to settle for less with this platform.


Google is the latest company to enter into the laptop industry. It has its Chrome OS, but this is a cloud-based operating system. If you are running programs that exist in the cloud, this will be a great option for you. It is also the cheapest option available, and because of that, it might be a great choice for budget-conscious educational institutions. The only problem will be software compatibility, as there aren't many programs built for this platform.


There are multiple options for laptops in the education industry. When you understand what you need, it will be an easy choice for your school to make.

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